Fall Registration/Open House Dates

​Wednesday, August 4


​Sign up on this day and receive 10% off your September tuition

Mon. & Wed., August 16, 18, 23 & 25


Fall classes will begin September 7, 2021!

  • All staff, visitors and dancers, over the age of 3, must wear a mask.

  • Dancers are placed 3+ feet away from each other in class.


  • Each ballet dancer will be assigned an individual barre. 

  • All surfaces and floors are cleaned before and after each class.


Covid-19 precautions

CSD Ballet Company holds annual auditions in January for the Spring ballet show. Ages 7 and up, of all levels, are welcome to audition! Rehearsals are held on the weekends. 

More information coming soon for our Snow White show...

Sleeping Beauty (2017)

Alice In Wonderland (2018)

Wizard of OZ (2019)

Snow White (TBA)